Close to My Heart

So, our purrfections know us, they love us and I do believe they help us. Even after they go to Rainbow Bridge, they remain forever close to our

My Purrby found me at 4 months of age. Just wondered in or someone dropped him nearby. He was always right there. The minute I came home from work he was at my door. I decided to keep him. Then I moved. He found me. I moved again and he found me. He was always a out door roamer. The last time I heard him at my door I let him in. He stayed until he died in my arms 13 years ago on this very day (November 7 th 2003)

Master Purrby

No bigger than my bike seat



Ball of White Purrfection



Notes from a Journal I kept:

Your Daily Horoscope for November 07, 2003
Today, ZIMBA, someone might ask you what you’re up to or what you’re thinking about. Scorpios often think about things that are often inaccessible to most people. Today it will be as if you have gone totally inside yourself on your quest for answers to your spiritual questions or to the secrets of life. Just tell that person you are trying to rest, as they probably won’t understand what you’re thinking about anyway…

I know he is doing the best he can. I just held his head in my hands, I had too lift his chin. I told him I understood how very tired he was, I told him to close his eyes, with no worries and go where he was being called. I know in a way he hates leaving me as much as I can hardly bare the thought.

He tried to get himself up to go too the bathroom. I know this is what he wanted too do. He has no energy for that. He fell back on his back leg, it was curled abnormally behind him. I straightened it out and he relieved himself with a big gasp and soiled the blanket. I will not move him anymore. I suppose this will be where he transcends. I have my slippers near him and give him water and chicken broth with the syringe. His mouth is so blue-gray now. No pink can be seen. I have his Purrby bag, the crinkly one he loves already.

Before going to bed. I came back here around 4:45 PM.  Purrby looked up at me with those sparkling green eyes and I went and got him a bit of Gerber and a syringe of water. He ate as if he was starving. Afterwards he suddenly looked in dire straights, his head was down between his paws and he was making strange sounds. I tried to position his head and that’s when he threw his head back and opened his mouth so wide in a gasp of air. He moaned and continued gasping for air. I held his head in my hand~within 5 minutes he was gone.

My Purrby is gone.

As I look at him he looks peaceful, no more pain. For 8 long years he was a blessing too me that is indescribable.

I anointed his head in lavender and zzzzz sleep, peaceful sleep.

Full Moon Burial at Buff’s planned

Now Buff cannot have Purrby buried in her garden. She said she dug in several spots and would need a drill to get through all the banyan tree roots. The soil here is shallow. Water, a island no place for a burial. That’s why Key West Cemetery is all above ground like in New Orleans.

I have decided on cremation.


If  I were in the country, I would find a beautiful field with butterflies and dragonflies, but alas no country here. All the gardens are private. The Orchid Garden, Botanical Gardens (Tweety Bird is there)  risked arrest doing that.
Purrby is too big and I think they would notice a laundry basket being carried in.I don’t know any other options.

When Purrby was leaving, he wrapped his paw with all his might around my finger. Not a full both paws hug like he used to do, but just the one and he looked at me. I could see my reflection in his eyes. I did close his eyes, they still are open a speck like when a cat naps there eyes are kind of open.


Dr. Burrin assured me it would be a private cremation but I told him I know how they do these things. I said for that price he should have a band playing a cat’s meow or something.
He made me laugh and then I said well, this is a first for me and I know it is old hat too you.
He said Purrby was the most extraordinary cat. No ruff like most cats have, up by neck where you can pick them up easily and safely if need arises. He called him a mix between a rabbit and a football player. His feet measured nearly five inches. Those endearing mitten toes.

My Purrby Poem

Mister Purrby

I miss you already

I know Rainbow Bridge knew you were coming,there door was open for you

I know you tried to stay

I know you loved me and knew how very much I loved you

I want to thank you for all the cherished moments you unconditionally  bestowed upon me

The tears falling down my face feel as a large dam has broken

You made me happy when I was sad

The way you stayed by my side when I was sick

and how very special you are and will forever be in my life

Your brown paper bags that you so loved, your water and feeding dishes are missing from there special spot.

your chair that you left me from~reaching out too me with your mitten paw and wrapping it around my little finger

This will be my very special chair now, where I will read and think and remember all the wonderful moments you shared with me

I know how much strength that took

I know you fought a hard battle and you rallied and stayed as long as you could

You now rest in a peaceful and everlasting slumber

I see you running through fields of wildflowers, chasing butterflies and jumping at your favorite dragonflies

I see you with the energy you had when you found me at barely 6 months of age.
A baby that fit on my bicycle seat

Your beautiful essence will reside in my heart forever.

Come to me in my dreams

I will be looking for you



From my dear friend Joyce

Your n0ah
My Sweet Zimba…

I know your hearte and I feel your pain.
You have the strength of the Eagle…but even the Eagle sheds tears.

and from Ammi

My heart is with you as you cradle and hold your Purrby…………I know how you must feel.  I shall hold the two of you in my thoughts and in my heart today.
Thank you for thinking of me in this very difficult time for you. Tell Purrby to give a kiss to my beloved Konan for me when he decides to transition.
Love always…….

From my Wuggins

Much love and compassion for you.You know how I loved Purrby also.

Purrby is and always will be
He’s with all of us now AND giving
Dad a hard time…. *S*
Dad is loving it because Purrby is
so much a part of you.
Your Wuggins

From my older sister Karen

In many ways, Cyndi, I believe this event was as if you had seen dad die and been right there.  You didn’t get to be with dad, though you were trying to get to him, but you were able to be with Purrby.
Tonight is the Lunar Eclipse and a memory point for this event as well.  Change is on the way, Cyndi.  I feel it ever stronger.  The timetable of the universe is working as it was programmed to do, and all things are happening normally, even the changes in our own earth, weather and skies.  These are the signs of “the time of the end”.  Perhaps this earth is going to die, as all planets go through birth and death, and then become something else.  We can only hope that our souls will be protected, even if we should lose our own physical lives.  The soul is most important.  We play such a small part in everything.  What ever happens and whenever it happens, I hope that we will all be strong enough to accept our destiny among the heavens, and that we will reunite with our loved ones and be together in a realm we cannot even fathom.

What a blessing that he came to your door Cyndi.  Of all the doors to show up at, he found you just when you needed him the most.

I keep feeling little hugs, the way it felt when he was cradled in my arms, the way he brought both paws together in a tight fisted hug. I miss his softness and the way he surrounded me with his love. He knew me. When I needed comfort, all I had too do was pick him up and sit in the chair. He would lay on my lap belly-up, feet sprawled out in such a relaxed, trusting position.

I am missing him very much.

He was so good for my heart, literally.

He had a way of calming me when ALL around me was chaos.

Poetry I wrote for Purrby

Cycles for Purrby

Warmth of life giving energy that flows as a river
Gone in a twinkling of a eye, like a imperfect storm
Never prepared
Quickly the frozen terrain
of winter sets in
So Final
Yet still here
Within and Everywhere
We shared all seasons
and Winter was unbearable
my tears froze solid
So quite the blanket
as it covered the whiteness
Months pass and Spring brings new life
Watching as the buds bring forth flowers
surrounded with Dragonflies

Copyright~February 5th 2004

His ashes remain on top of a large bookcase. I had planned to free him today. Place his ashes under the window from the room he passed in. I have been thinking of how I truly feel Minnie was sent to me, as she had the markings of Purrby on her side when I found her at the shelter in January 2004. I have changed my mind about that and Purrby shall remain in his urn above the bookcase looking out for his Minnie. (See Health Report below)

Petite Minnie’s Health Update November 2016

She weighs 6 pounds.
She has what they believe is a mass in her Mammary Gland area.
They shaved it, cleaned it up, put a cone on her which she hates. They are concerned she may have the beginnings of eye melanoma. She is almost 14.
They treated her for worms with out sample being able to be retrieved. They used Drontal, she has another dose on my birthday.
I can also remove the cone at that time or before if shaved area has improved.
They gave her a shot of CONVENIA antibiotic.
They gave her a treatment of Revolution which they felt would work better than the Advantage she has been on for nearly 2 years every month with her Ongoing Miliary dermatitis skin issues.
A shot of DepoMedrol was for infection from the lesion and to help clear up the dermatitis. It is a family of anti-inflammatory drugs that work by blocking the body’s immune system from causing an infected area to swell.
They said with the cone she will not be able to irritate by gnawing and licking the area’s.

My heart felt like it could never replace Purrby. A tiny petite cat came up to me and rubbed my leg. I picked her up and she snuggled her head in my hand. Her name was Minnie and she came home with me that day.

Minnie Adoption Photo

January 2004


Purrby on her side


She’s a Cover Girl Kitty



She is almost 14 now.


My daughter came back to share my castle. She brought her two older cats. Minnie was overwhelmed. Eventually they got along and then the girl cat (Cinnamon) had to be put down for health reasons.

They still look for her.


The Zen Pals

Shy 19 and Minnie almost 14

A few months passed and there was a knock at my door. There was baby 12 week old China looking exactly like a twin sister of Cinnamon. She has become a part of our family.

China On arrival, she’s a Cover Girl Kitty


China almost 6


Those Animals You’ve Known and Loved

From TUT ~ Notes From The Universe.
“I just want you to know, Phoenix, that those animals you’ve known, who’ve moved beyond the veils of time and space, were forever changed by your love, they’re alive and well, and they’ve banded together to ask me a favor… that I make sure you get this message.

Bark, meow, chirp, ergle –
The Universe”

Get Your Notes from The Universe


Master Purrby


He loved my dad’s old chair.

 photo New_Hempy_Sig_zps4qqb7vtd.png

Bonding Time


If I ate lo-fat yogurt with Mona’s Granola, Lo-Fat Cottage cheese and all the good NUTS in miniscule portions like Hempy Hamster does I’d be in a bikini in no time flat.

I have been feeling neglectful of my cockatiels. KK (Born in 1998) and Jack (Born in 95).

They live in a huge castle and can fly. I do not clip wings after a terrible experience I had when I incidentally cut a blood feather on one of my old Teils that has since flew off too Rainbow Bridge. His wings were misshapen and I felt so badly about it.

Since having three cats that I know would like nothing better then too have a Birdie snack I can’t leave them out. Definitely Cinnamon Girl and Shy Guy, not so much Minnie.

So tonight I just got in the Monster cage with them. I left the cage door ajar with my feet dangling. Before long they were back the way they used to be when they would sit on my head, or both on a knee. They loved eating my stud earrings out of my ears and nibbling on my necklace. KK left me hold her and pet the top of her crown and rosy orange cheeks. Jack was a bit more leery and wanted to nip me. He did sing very nice. He raised his crown for me too.

Then I put Hempy in the playpen and he kept trying to stand on the cubby I made him and he kept rolling off it. I had to laugh at his endeavors.

After I put him back in the bin China jumped in his playhouse looking for a furry object.

Minnie is chill on my bed.