Inspiration from Kate Maree O’Brien

Give Rise To Who You Truly Are

I love her accent and I love Bali. The scenery in her videos are beautiful. Waterfalls, lush green foliage.

But, her wisdom is what grabs you. Her sincerity and Love for what she inspires.

Her words

Those lessons that are reoccurring showing up in your life.. are there with a lesson for you. When you run from them, you run from the lesson…

You Smother the Whispers of your Soul

You Drown yourself with






Toxic Relationships

Any distraction you can come up with that will distract you from that DEEP KNOWING within.

People say they want change
They say they want something new…
But often what they want MORE is the alluring safety of the known and the familiar.
Real expansion and growth requires letting go of what you know
letting go of who you knew yourself to be.
But because this can feel so scary many people get stopped and go back to where it feels safe.
I challenge us all to re-think what feels comfortable and safe.
It might feel more comfortable in the moment, to not grow.
But I ask yourself this…
How comfortable will it be, if you’re still ‘there’ in a few years time And things haven’t changed??