Full Moon Inspiration


My favorite time of the month. The moon was so beautiful last night. I want to walk on the beach tonight.

Full moons put awe in my steps. My heart beats a little faster when I gaze up into the wonders of night sky.

I think of those seeing the same moon and wonder at times if I cross their minds.

The Old Man in the Moon.

Every time I look up at a full moon I think of my dad.

Sound of Growing Corn

© Cynthia Martz

Someday I want to
walk out to the edge of a cornfield
on a full moon night
I will sit myself down on the cool earth
Can you really hear the corn grow?
Is it growing before my very eyes?
I will look  up into the starry heavens
The corn stalks weave back and forth like a field of wheat
smooth and in sync
I can Hear
the corn growing
in the stillness of the night
in the light of the full moon
it is a beautiful sound
I will sleep awhile
to my dreams