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Extremely Dangerous Cat 4 Irma Headed for Florida

Thought I would do a Photo blog of Irma Category 5, the largest Hurricane in History to devastate the State of Florida.

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Mostly personal photos. others found on the W.W.W.






Hurricane Irma Cat 5

“If ever there was a storm to take seriously in the Keys, this is it”

They are calling this A Perfect Storm


Monroe County also has issued a mandatory evacuation of all residents. It will begin at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Everyone is rather upset that I along with many other Conch’s have decided to ride it out.

Traffic is horrendous. Gas stations over flowing and running out of gas. No bottled water in the KEYS.
Stopped at Pets market and got supplies in case Chewy can not deliver before storm.
All tourists ordered to leave our Island.
Locals Mandatory on Thursday.
I will not be a sitting duck on any bridge going out of the Keys.

I would rather be here barricaded in my castle with my animals.

I have never in 25 years evacuated.

We can only hope and pray that Mother Nature is not as mean as she is expected to be.

It is not an easy decision to make.

I have 9 birds, two cats and a hamster. We will remain together.

My daughter and her man will bunker down with me.

I am taking this very seriously.

I am also doing what my heart tells me to do.

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