Living with the Fire


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As of this post my last tests in June at Miami Liver (Hepatology) Center showed that no Hep-C virus was detected, or it was such a low number it couldn’t be classified. This was awesome news. I have not been treated with any new FDA approved drugs. I refuse to be a guinea pig in scientific studies and research. I do not vaccinate my cats nor myself. IMHO No to vaccinations.

I still have the occasional glass of wine. My whiskey daze are done and done.

Alternative’s that help:

An old remedy that helps clear the liver and kidneys of toxins.  Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. (Mother is on the label)  I take one tablespoon daily with a bit of honey in  a glass of warm water.  It truly seems like a miracle, that little tablespoon of Bragg’s.

Cut back on sugar. I am a sweet tea junkie and this has been a hard one.

Use less salt and more fresh herbs for seasoning your food.

Watch the Red meat and any and all processed foods. Eat at home more and dine out less.

If you smoke try to quit or at least cut back. This is still my one and only vice.

Drink Coffee.

Smoke more THC

Hepatitis C does not define who you are.  Hepatitis C lives with you. Albeit as a unwelcome roommate.

2015 New Treatments are here now and on the horizon.

Please get tested and change your lifestyle habits if you want to survive this.

I was first told that I needed to get the Hep C panel of tests in June of 98. I had very suddenly became very ill. I felt as if I were in a daze. Coma is a better way to describe it. I could not move my body and everything was in such slow-moving motion. My eyes felt like they were opening and closing so slowly and my speech seemed very slow and distant. It felt like the worse chilled to the bone flu I have ever experienced. I could not get warm, I felt cold and clammy. All of my lymph nodes were swollen and so painful,everywhere.
My groin, armpits, buttocks.

I had a long history of abusing drugs and alcohol.  A few tattoos along the way.


The Phoenix is the confident, courageous, positive transformer that transcends personal ego.

I died many small deaths during my addiction. I pulled up out of the deep dark cesspools and survived.

That moment when I realized I was indeed THE Phoenix.

My first visit to the doctors, I informed them that since I did not have insurance I could not afford the tests that were recommended. My original blood tests showed my liver enzymes were way off base. They urged me to cut back on the drinking. I had already cold turkey removed myself from narcotics. I had used from the early 70’s to the early 90’s. Giving up drinking was something I just wasn’t ready to do.

I worked as a server and drinking after work was a given. Sometimes I had to drink a lot to relieve the pain I felt deep in my bones. I didn’t realize the fire in my liver was already beginning its slow burn.

Too make this story a bit more to the point I will get to the basics.

The sickness took a full swing south shortly after a major Hurricane (Hurricane George 1998). Conditions without electricity and not being able to bathe properly caused a severe outbreak of a viral nature. It was so bad I was hospitalized for 4 days. This was in November 98. I had started feeling ill with swollen glands in the groin area back in June of 98.

I was at work and it felt like a freight train had hit me, backed up and came at me again. I was so tired I could barely function. I had started a computer class that I could not finish. I was like a zombie.

After being released from the hospital I did get the needed tests and yes I did have Hep C. Now at least I had a clue as to why I felt the way I did. I researched and read books and most important of all, I gave up drinking completely in July 99.  I thought, Oh I can have a drink every now and then, but no sooner than I succumbed I was back in the fire again.

This disease is so coy. You can have it for years and then something in your immune system goes awry and it rears up like a fire that someone has thrown gasoline on.

That is what drinking does to a person with Hep C, it fuels the flames. It’s strange in retrospect but I drank to relieve the pain of my degenerative bone malady better known as Fibromyalgia. Now, the pain is worse than ever because I can’t even think of having a drink or taking a simple Motrin for pain.

Everything I eat or drink affects my liver. I will always have this, but I can control it somewhat.

My Take on Generics

The choice is mine.

I choose to LIVE as well as I possibly can and as long as God/Goddess allows.