Lady Blue Meanderings Take 19

“Most likely a thoughtful person who values spending time on your own. You’d rather connect deeply with a few people than have a bunch of slight acquaintances.”

I drive a moped, no mandatory insurance, have a helmet, don’t wear it. My rant is similar. When I am in my lane it is MY lane. Some people think they can just pass me on the left which is such a very stupid move. What if I adjust my wheel the slightest, well that would not be a pretty sight. Than of course those that pass me on the right. Another story. Like seriously. Can anyone possibly be in that much of a hurry too get to the next red light where I will hopefully be waiting too give you a big piece of my mind.

The movie “The Lovers” was released under several different titles, such as “Singularity”, “Time Traveler” and another French title. It was from 2013, and stared Josh Hartnett in the lead role.

It is the tale of an impossible romance, set against the backdrop of the first Anglo-Maratha war across two time periods and continents.

An Indian woman falls deeply in love with an 18th century British office, and in present-day, he has an American marine biologist wife, who is also his beloved.

“Easter. The only time it’s okay to put all of your eggs in one basket!”
Wishing everyone a day of blessings.

“Change is usually always better once you get used too it”

Lady Blue

Love my Three Fairy Sisters
Designed by me


I wrote this:

I am sending this on it’s way too you
Across the miles of green grass and palms
I send it with much Attentiveness, Love, Compassion and Intuitiveness
The Fairies have been instructed to sprinkle huge amounts of Happy Dust.
The molecules shall surround and envelope you with Comfort, Care and Love throughout your Life’s Journey.

m ART Z 2018

“if you hold sand too tightly in your hand it will run through your fingers.”

I’m not quite sure why I have a land line and a cell phone. It’s not like I answer either one very often, unless of course it has a special ring tone set up.

Just some Insight

A left turn against a red light can only be made from a one-way street onto a one-way street. Signal and stop for a red traffic light at the marked limit line. If there is no limit line, stop before entering the crosswalk. If there is no crosswalk, stop before entering the intersection.

Turning left at a green light is that pulling forward and turning after the light turns red is absolutely legal, that you have the right of way over traffic facing a red light (as you entered on a green light), and that it’s often times the only way to turn left at an intersection. And that’s pretty much the end of it. Obstruction laws apply when the destined street is full and cannot accommodate additional vehicles (and you end up sitting in the crosswalk or intersection). An officer trying to extend that law to apply to any cars that simply clear the intersection after their light turns red, is in my opinion, in the wrong, and is failing to comprehend the point of the “obstruction” law.

The powers that be in Key West government have decided to rename Key West “Westkey”…with a bar and church on every corner kinda makes sense.

Cyndi’s April Fool’s

I think we should have a April Fool’s day every 1 st of the month.
Like next month May Fool’s day and so on.

Flashback Time:

My dad dyed our little bunnies and the next morning we were not very happy finding different colored dead bunnies. I guess he was thinking of how you dye little chickies. He felt so bad.

Than we had the pleasure of hunting Easter eggs. My mama mistakenly hid than in a copperhead nest. Little slithering babies was scary as crap. Didn’t retrieve those eggs.

They found the cobra that was missing,and he had taken a bite out of crime in the Bronx…

April Fool’s

Some one just said two oceans never meet and that it is salt water and river water that meet.
Well duh,this has been circulating for so long.
Many thought it was edited in Photoshop.

Their are many places where this phenomenon occurs so no one is wrong, it’s Science and we all know how diverse that is.

This photo was taken in Cape Point,Africa
Source W.W.W


Hard Boiled Eggs

Add Baking Soda to the Cooking Water

Because older eggs have more alkaline, you shouldn’t add vinegar to the cooking water, though some recipes recommend it. Adding about a teaspoon of baking soda to the cooking water increases the alkalinity, which will make the eggs easier to peel later on.

Cynthia says~ We don’t always need a KING in our lives, but we do need to remember we are always the Queen. Never treat yourself as a pawn in someone else’s game.

If you ‘assume’ something, the universe will provide those things or conditions.

Just a reminder to be gentle with yourself whatever feelings arise.

The feelings are hard enough to endure, so do not add to them by berating yourself.

Self-kindness will get you through.

I am a GREAT Grandmother,actually I am a grandmother that just happens to be GREAT

“Are you an extrovert or introvert?”

Ambivert: Someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion.

Why Ambiverts Are Awesome

Many people assume that extroverts are the best at sales, the best leaders and are the most successful at work—WRONG! Adam Grant, an associate professor at Wharton School, analyzed 35 separate studies and found the statistical relationship between extroversion and income was basically zero.

He conducted a personality survey and collected three-month sales records for more than 300 salespeople, both male and female. The people who ranked right in the middle for extroversion and introversion (ambiverts) turned out to be the best salespeople.

Ambiverts pulled in 24 percent more revenue than introverts, and a mind-boggling 32 percent more revenue than extroverts!

Grant guessed that ambiverts seem to strike a balance between the two more extreme personality traits:

“The ambivert advantage stems from the tendency to be assertive and enthusiastic enough to persuade and close, but at the same time, listening carefully to customers and avoiding the appearance of being overly confident or excited,” Grant said.

Life is too short to spend time with toxic people in draining places!
Ambiverts think they have a split personality

I am Blue

the most soothing shade of the spectrum. The color of a clear summer sky or a deep, reflective ocean, blue has traditionally symbolized trust, solitude, and loyalty. Most likely a thoughtful person who values spending some time on your own, you’d rather connect deeply with a few people than have a bunch of slight acquaintances. Luckily, making close friends isn’t that hard, since people are naturally attracted to you — they’re soothed by your calming presence. Cool and collected, you rarely overreact. Instead, you think things through before coming to a decision.

I give Broccoli sprouts to my hamster Chibi. She loves them.

This is my go 2 blender drink:


3 cups filtered water.
1/4 cup hemp seeds or flax seed.
If in a pinch use Wheat Germ
2 cups baby spinach.
1 cup broccoli sprouts, rinsed well.
1 banana, frozen.
1 cup frozen strawberries.
1 cup frozen pineapple chunks.
1 tablespoon cocoa powder.
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 Medjool dates, pitted

Flax seeds come from another ancient plant that (like hemp) was once best known for its fibers. That is just one of the similarities between flax and hemp seed. The protein it provides is another important similarity in that while flax seeds contain less protein than hemp, they provide all of the nine essential amino acids and are considered a complete protein source as a result. Hemp seeds also contain all nine essential amino acids.

Along with being nutritionally similar, flax seeds can also make a good hemp seed substitute in terms of their flavor and texture. Flax seeds bring the flavor of toasted nuts along with a mild crunch that can work in many of the same applications for which hemp seeds would be used. Flax seeds actually provide more than twice the amount of fiber that you would get from hemp seeds.


Chinese believes that if one of your bamboo dies is actually a good thing. It has prevented something happening that could have been worse.

3 stems is a favorite number because it represents happiness, long life and wealth. Yes please!

If I could just find somewhere in Key West that has them.The last one I had was a baby that after 8 years growth towered above my kitchen cabinets.A jump down form manic cat China destroyed it. It was unable to be mended.


In retrospect on the 21 st of March 2018,I had a moped incident.Three weeks later X-Rays revealed two cracked ribs. The pain was horrid. I have had broken ribs when I was younger. At 69 it took a huge toll on this bod.

Reality Shiters.
Actually just a pun I use on occasion.

It is actually called Reality Shifts.


a physical way of showing just how much you love someone. Its a fondness that consumes you. Wanting to touch, tickle, kiss, hug, or hold.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Photo-Paint X8 Pro.Now hardly none of my extra’s load since the service pack 3 was installed with it.

After all the uninstalling,reinstalling with new service pack and all perks and extra’s it fails to start?

Finally it is fixed.

The Warriors Prayer by Stuart Wilde
(24 September 1946 – 1 May 2013) was a British writer. Best known for his works on New Age, self-empowerment, and spirituality,

I am what I am.

In having faith in the beauty within me, I develop trust.

In softness I have strength.

In silence I walk with the gods.

In peace I understand myself and the world.

In conflict I walk away.

In detachment I am free.

In respecting all living things, I respect myself.

In dedication I honor the courage within me.

In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.

In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.

In freedom I have power.

In my individuality, I express the God-Force within me.

In service I give of what I have become.

I am what I am: Eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.

And so be it.

Until I meander back too you


Be Aware and Informed on Generics


You are on your own with Generics.

All month I have taken a keen interest in the logistics of generic drugs. I am weaning myself off them which I have been forewarned is a major No-No.

This was instigated from the realization that my latest script for Cozaar  Losartan caused side effects as if I were just starting a new drug. My research uncovered amazing stories of persons with the same concerns.

Generic drug companies change. The main ingredient in the drug supposedly does not, but the fillers, size, color can and most likely will.

A bit of my health history.
In 2009 I passed out while working at Home Depot. I had taken a barrage of cold medicines so I could work. Two days later I am hospitalized with BP of 231/128. I am immediately put on Lopressor which made me almost immediately gain 20 pounds and had other annoying side effects. A year later I had severe muscle cramps and nerve damage in my hands and feet. I was always dizzy and was NOT spinning right round so too speak.

I am feeling so rested. Actually I slept better than I have in years. Last night I noticed my mouth wasn’t dry as cotton. My legs and arms did not HURT so badly. My stomach ache is gone and regular elimination is back.

Symptoms and side effects of what I now know to have been from Losartan Blood Pressure meds. 50 mg once a day with a baby aspirin 81 mg to top it off. Every day for the past 6 years.

My BP is fine so far actually the numbers are looking even better.

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1998.
I no longer drink.
I am a smoker of less than a pack a day.
Leg ablation were done on both legs due to a malady called leaky vessels. My ankles and feet were swollen everyday for years. I could barely walk.

My days and nights collided.

My social life plummeted.

Since 2009 all these sides have at one time or all the time invaded my world.
Each time I voiced my concerns I was prescribed something else that in effect severely clashed with Losartan.

All vitamins and Doctor prescribed scripts are in a drawer hidden away.

Losartan 50 mg

Warnings and Precautions :
Caution should be exercised in patients with history of blood vessel problems, poor blood circulation, fluid retention, heart, liver or kidney problems

Warnings and Precautions :
Caution should be exercised in patients with history of heart disease, high blood pressure, nervous disease, liver or kidney disease.

Will increase the level or effect of losartan oral by altering drug metabolism.

Muscle Relaxers

Severe nightmares
Still had spasms

Like I was drugged on a overdose of heroin. Very slow moving, dizzy, weak, very tired somaication, Incoherent, off balance, heart palpitations.

Lowered blood pressure, both feet spasms. Dry mouth, like it was stuffed with cotton.

Using Fluconazole together with Tizanidine can increase the risk of an irregular heart rhythm that may be serious.

Slept all the time. After a week couldn’t sleep. Up all hours. Feet swelling and 20 pound weight gain in just a month.

Prescription Potassium Extended Release

The above supplements can cause high levels of potassium in your blood. High levels of potassium can cause weakness, irregular heartbeat, confusion, tingling of the extremities, or feelings of heaviness in the legs.


Prescribed for urine leakage and urgency (Bladder)
One week later suffered from  severe urinary tract infection.

Generic (Wellbutrin) Budeprion XL 300

For state of mind and smoking cessation
Weird and psychotic feelings

After regime with Losartan I experienced:

Dry mouth

Tickly throat and annoying cough

Stuffed, dry  nasal passages

Shortness of breath



Off Balance


(Meaning~sleepy, drowsy. Tending to cause sleep.
A condition of semi consciousness approaching coma. In a condition of incomplete sleep; semi comatose

Numbness and tingling in hands and feet

Cold sensations in legs especially left foot and area above left knee

Terrible cramping and spasms in left hand and both feet felt like little broken bones.
Could not put weight on either.

Tired all the time

Swelling of calves, ankles and feet

No energy

Weight gain

Impaired urination

Bladder infections

Retention of urine

Feelings of doom and depression

I never considered it could have been caused in effect by a prescribed drug by a doctor I trusted.

Today I am in charge folks. I want quality in my life not so many side effects from generics that do more harm than good.

I am 66 years old.

I am 5′ 6 in. I have lost 25 pounds. I eat nutritious foods
No soda’s
Aware of hidden sugars
Limit all sweets

Read the book “Selling Sickness”.

Most importantly please remember that Generic drug companies are exempt from being sued for serious reactions and sometimes death.

“Patients will now be taking generic drugs at their own risk,” said American Association for Justice President Gibson Vance. “It is absurd that doctors and patients will have to make medical decisions knowing that only brand-name drug manufacturers – not generics – can be held accountable for their drugs’ dangerous side-effects.”