The Rooster is at THE Door


On this last day of the Year 2016. The Year of the Rooster is just a cock a dilly doo away. In some ways it has seemed a very long and frustrating year.

It seems it was just 2015 and we awaited the ball too drop on 2016.

We lost so many loved ones in the Hollywood scene this year, persons in the news, on our favorite TV shows. For some their lights burned long and remained prosperous.  Others succumbed to the star struck illusion of fame and prosperity. The ones that light so quickly, burn so fast and fade away.

I have not made any resolutions this year.  Seems to always be the same ones.
As usual my will power does not hold me too it and I am back where I started.

We can only do our best each day. We are given a gift each day we awaken to a brand new possibility.
One full of promise and change.

No one person can change another,we can only change ourselves. We waste valuable time and energy trying too do-overs on others we love and care for.

The most important lessons I have learned in life.

Love,family and true blue friends are most important.
Judge no one, everyone has their own issues they deal with on a daily basis.
Love unconditionally
Never give up
Always have Hope
and a bit of change in your pocket.


Power in Contemplation


Take time to smell the flowers

So much is up in the air. Many unknown’s abound.

I have decided to continue being who I am. Someone who goes with the flow; and does what she needs to do.
Time to take advantage of the prevailing atmosphere of change.

“Walk in my shoes for a day” philosophy

© C. m ART z  2015