Bonding Time


If I ate lo-fat yogurt with Mona’s Granola, Lo-Fat Cottage cheese and all the good NUTS in miniscule portions like Hempy Hamster does I’d be in a bikini in no time flat.

I have been feeling neglectful of my cockatiels. KK (Born in 1998) and Jack (Born in 95).

They live in a huge castle and can fly. I do not clip wings after a terrible experience I had when I incidentally cut a blood feather on one of my old Teils that has since flew off too Rainbow Bridge. His wings were misshapen and I felt so badly about it.

Since having three cats that I know would like nothing better then too have a Birdie snack I can’t leave them out. Definitely Cinnamon Girl and Shy Guy, not so much Minnie.

So tonight I just got in the Monster cage with them. I left the cage door ajar with my feet dangling. Before long they were back the way they used to be when they would sit on my head, or both on a knee. They loved eating my stud earrings out of my ears and nibbling on my necklace. KK left me hold her and pet the top of her crown and rosy orange cheeks. Jack was a bit more leery and wanted to nip me. He did sing very nice. He raised his crown for me too.

Then I put Hempy in the playpen and he kept trying to stand on the cubby I made him and he kept rolling off it. I had to laugh at his endeavors.

After I put him back in the bin China jumped in his playhouse looking for a furry object.

Minnie is chill on my bed.