Sandcastles and Parallels

Two Homes
One  a sand castle built on an island lagoon
the other a beautiful brick home on a cliff.


A comparison of two homes.
The time and energy put into both of them and yet neither is
that secure.

The sand castle will wash away

The home on the cliff may fall into the sea from corrosion
It’s that chance we take to LIVE OUR MOMENTS
Be the best we can that is all ONE can do.


Photo Paint Pro 8 Edits by Cynthia

I think that as individuals post their chosen treasures we
as receivers should always keep in mind that these written
words, art, feelings they are each unique and individualized.
They have much heart and soul in them.

They are our creations being shared as should be.
Many heartfelt blessings to all moving through the Journey we call LIFE.

Wisdom in Tealeaves



Photo by Cynthia

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Tib Bits:

I brew a pretty good cup of tea and will read the tea leaves for you.

Remember that Pluto rules nuclear power.

The explosive passion of Pluto has the rich, dark red wine color of the bloodstone.



Bloodstone has two rulers:  Mars and Pluto.  And I’ve given it the assignment of Scorpio.  The reasons are below.  This is a Pluto ruled gemstone.  Mars, the first ruler of Scorpio (and later, Pluto was given ruler ship over this zodiac sign)  rules the red blood cells of the body, so this is a perfect fit. Given Bloodstone’s vaunted energy and vitality it gives to the wearer, only Mars will do here.  Our ‘engine’, which is our daily physical energy, depends upon Mars in our natal chart.  With the “drops” of red blood on the dark green gemstone, Mars is the only one that can be selected.

But on a deeper, Plutonian level, this gemstone is about our DNA; our heritage from a family long past that we didn’t even know.  And our family DNA is with us whether we realize it or not.  For those who look at our family tree, the information can be monumental and important.  Why? Because we can look at our past family members and see patterns of behavior and perspective setting up.

What they were, we may be.  And to borrow from a history saying, “What we forget we are doomed to repeat.”  Well, it’s the same in the family structure too. We all have a miasm; its simply a matter of knowing what it is. Then, we have a CHOICE to make.

We can either choose to carry it forward into our present day family–or NOT.  And it is here that Bloodstone can play an integral part in helping us define what we are and whether we want to carry on that genetic/family heritage.

Bloodstone helps us DISCRIMINATE between good family genes and weak ones that hold us in a destructive pattern.  That is why Bloodstone works on two levels simultaneously. Mars works on the physical level and Pluto on the family heritage level.

It will assist you to become more peaceful and serene.


These gemstones connect with our deeper core values of this personality in this lifetime BUT, they also connect with our SOUL who has far more strength built up in it as a result of hundreds of thousands of lifetimes.  This is the phenomenal magic of Strength gemstones.  They are able to ACCESS this vault of built-upon and earned spiritual strength so it can help us get through some present difficulty/test/initiation that we’re putting ourselves through in this lifetime at this moment.

It ‘feeds’ us so that we don’t give up, despair or want to check out because the life lesson is “too hard” to deal with.   Not all people are strong spiritually speaking.  We have baby spirits to ancient spirits in human body on this Earth.  No one is created equal.  And we’re all working on collecting that very necessary soul strength so that we can take on tougher and tougher challenges–and work through them successfully instead of failing them.

Being grounded is essential for living down here on our Earth.  One of the most interesting facts about Bloodstone is that it is highly sensitive to heat.  That means, if you wear it, you are ‘exciting’ the energy of this gemstone and it’s going to start sending out its energy into your aura quite rapidly.

Today, it is seen as the Mother Goddess stone


2017 Update:the source is no longer available.

Time to Grow

Prose © C. m ART z 2015 written 2/1/2003


Under the influence

nothing bothered me
I was like the duck in a rainstorm
everything rolled off my back
nothing mattered

Over the influence I am like a baby chicken
whose feathers are growing in
and its a downpour

No cushion
nothing rolls off my back
everything soaks in
everything affects me
everything matters

I feel
I see
I know
questions asked, deceitful answers
Bones that crack
Heart a mishap

Standing ground as the thunder roars
Ears cannot shut out the noise
Light surround me
Enter healing
Calm envelop me dry out my saturated mind

Words that have no meaning
actions that have no rhyme

Aggravation brings tension
Tension hurts my head
Maybe a few IGNORE feathers
would help my brain
lessen the pain even when it rains

Look, there’s the mama hen
and all her babies are without feathers
but under her wing sheltered from the storm

Is it better to be a chicken with feathers or one without ?

Which one is more content ? Cushioned or bare to the skin

the feeling one whose wet tears falls or the one whose cloak (Mask) hides the pain and nothing comes to surface nothing gained

Time to grow
It may never Stop raining


The Best Meditation Ever

Fuck that Meditation

In all seriousness I am fairly laid back. Cool, mostly calm and a collectible 🙂

This video is on-point for the daze that sometimes just happen with no warning.

You know, dealing with jealousy, ups and downs of life’s byways, normal everyday happenings that get the BEST sometimes of the best of us.

This Maze Called Life

‎I woke this morning feeling so much better of health, mind and spirit. Pain is such a thing that completely controls when you are engulfed by it. Some pain is a natural occurrence of say perhaps having a bad tooth removed, the after effects of which is excruciating  pain. Perhaps you waited to long and the pain had already taken its place. An extraction was the only option you had to make.

Pain surrounds us. The pain of losing someone you love. The means can be by separation. Temporary, fleeting or permanent as in death.

Our lives are made of happenings, occurrences, trials and tribulations. These are what make each individual’s story.

Life stories.

Many persons choose to keep them hidden. Not only from their selves; but any curious minds that tend to want the satisfaction of the probe. They have a morbid fascination with needing to know, to dissect what made the person he or she is or was.
Being part of the Human equation we all have the predisposed story. We are born, we are nurtured, loved and protected. We grow into wisdom by experiences we have. We die.
The adopted child is in someway, not always given unconditional love, nurturing and protection. They are chosen ones. The biological parent chose to place them for adoption. The reasons sometimes given at some later date in the child’s future. Perhaps the parent was too young, the child was conceived by rape. The child was better off with a more loving family. A Human that would show them so much more love and opportunities in his life.

The ultimate reason is always they loved the child so much they knew they personally would never be enough.

In actuality, we all have essentially the same story. Our feelings on love, life and all the inbetweens. The chapters, turning the pages on the experiences that make each individuals story (the unique one ) that it is and always will be.

The adopted child. How they felt when they discovered their parents were not there biological parents.

The child raised by abusive parents. The fear of losing the only thing they knew if the truth was revealed.

Drug Abusers, Addicts (Elicit and Street), Alcoholics. The paths they took that led them to addiction and recovery.

All stories. All sounding so similar yet so different.

I am a recovering addict. I never told my story or shared at a N.A Meeting. In recent years I have shared through my blogs and writings. I have been clean since 1998. I have chosen the path that works for me.

I came from a loving home. I had a family, a mother, a father, a brother and two sisters.
When religion became the mainstay of my mother’s life when I was 12 years of age my life took a dramatic change. I wanted to please both my believing mother and my disbelieving father.

It changed me. I always was looking for acceptance from them.

In later years my rebellious nature took over.
I was eventually disfellowshipped from the church and in their retribution shunned from all I loved in life.

I never have understood how a person of faith can say they love you unconditionally yet cast you away like a moldy piece of bread or cheese.

When I felt I could no longer give my daughter the life she deserved I made the choice to take her too her father’s. That decision changed me in ways I find hard to accept at times. I no longer felt responsible for anyone, not even myself.

My life was reeling so fast and furiously out of control there was no other option too me.
Now, I see the selfishness in my actions. I deprived her of me, her mother. I was never abusive too her, I loved her.

Everything in my  life escalated afterwards. Relocating, new friends, jobs, habits.
I never lost contact with her. She was forever part of my heart.

Now, years later my daughter is back with me. My parents are both of the air and mist. My grandchildren are thriving in adulthood. I have constant correspondence with my siblings.

Both my ex husbands are deceased.

I am feeling very blessed.

Most important of all. I steer my vessel now, I plan and control my destinations.

A poem I wrote many years ago.


From a dream these thoughts arose and upon arising finding pens and
paper I  began this prose.

Life in almost every instance is chosen.
Not at the moment of birth but from each moment henceforth.
You have control of your world and surroundings.
Your Chosen Ways

In the first years, you in a sense control your parents.
They feed, dry, and clothe you when you cry.
Then in your teens they try to almost no avail to control you because after all it’s your life.

Your Chosen Ways
As you find your way into the world, you and your Chosen Ways find joy, happiness, pain, depression, and helplessness.
You swim at times, others have sought your Chosen Ways.
You sink at times under the influence of their Chosen Ways.
In the name of love, you destroy your loveliness with drugs and alcohol.
In the name of faith you lose your parents love for twelve years of your Chosen life.

Your Chosen Ways
You wander aimlessly, seemingly without purpose, chasing an elusive butterfly for years.
Live in shelters, on the street
Not missing a beat.
You submerge yourself in self-destructive Chosen ways with the same Chosen people
You are a product of your parents, and there parents and on and on and there Chosen Ways
You want, you don’t want.
You laugh, than cry as if the milk spilled or your cup is well filled

Your Chosen Ways
One day after living this Chosen life for so many DAYS OF YOUR LIFE, you get hit as if from a thunderbolt.
You begin to smell the roses, the wetness on the rose petals from recent rain.
There is No Right way, nor is there a wrong way.
You awaken with light in your eyes and joy in your heart.
It is after all,
Your Chosen Ways.
written by Cyndi
October 2nd, 1999

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The Red Box

4 /4 / 2014


( Actual Names~Places are Omitted)

4 4 4 Angels

“444 is one of many repeating numbers designed to get your attention and serve as a wake up call from your spiritual guides.”

I Thank the Universe that I did not walk all the way home. I know I am feeling much inner turmoil for being so irresponsible. It was a combo of being so house ridden for so long I suppose. But, getting on my moped and I was so determined to get home.

I remember the moped fell just as I parked to lock it up. I laid on the ground and must have slept. When I got up the bike was down, but not on me so I sit it up and locked it securely.

I remember the Heart that …… the Angel gave me breaking as I was holding it up, the little attachment that held the ornament came off in my hand and the Heart broke in so many pieces.

That was a sign that it was the glorious powers that be that got me home.

When I woke up my glasses were still on my head.

…. and ……were talking in the room. ….. said she waited till 11 PM. She was so concerned before leaving for ……

She said my cats kept vigilance at the front door, meowing ~ missing me.

When I left Wednesday at 12 Noon she wasn’t home. When I came back from the ….. around 4 she was at work. I washed and dried my hair, called and messaged ….. that I was leaving around 7.

She and her mate …. with his sister that had flown in from ….. planned to meet me.

An older white haired lady sat next too me. She said she was an Angel. She started saying too me “Do You know who you are” I told her I was the Messenger.

She says “No, you are a child of god” and gave me a red box.

I opened it and it was a beautiful one of a kind blown heart ornament that had “JOY” etched in it in several places. I immediately thought of my friend …..R.I.P .

It was a moment.

Then she says “This is not the ALL” and leaves. A few minutes later she returns, she had left all her belongings. Her purse, cell phone, a drink over half full on the counter. She then starts gifting me with so many necklaces, eye glass holder, earrings, bracelets. All hand made by her and all with crosses which have never been my thing.

Then she gathered her things and left almost as quickly as she had appeared.

All these one of a kinds, beautiful pieces of art were in front of me. Not in boxes or plastic baggies.
I gifted several women I had met, they were tourists and were with there mates.

….. came around 8 or so and picked out one, then …. and his sister ……. and she picked hers.

When I got home I still had so many left. In the afternoon …..picked out two pieces and I still had more.

Now this really has me thinking.

The place I parked the bike was private and had security surveillance. I knocked on several doors too ask permission and no one answered. A lady drove up and said it was fine to park. I secured the moped and walked out onto ……Street. The ….. is right on the corner across from the ……Deli where …. works now.
They have live bands playing unusual music all nights. Wednesday there was no band playing.

When … and ….  left I soon followed.

This is where I lose time.

I remember walking down the street, not stumbling or out of my mind just feeling really nice after a glass or two of Merlot. No whiskey, Rum or shots. Well actually one Root beer shot which reminded me of working at A&W Root beer drive-through when I was 17 living in ……. roller-skates were mandatory for serving.

These three men were standing in front of where I had parked. After meeting my Angel, I thought too myself and “Now the Three Wise Men.

They asked me to come up on the porch and sit and talk with them. They had complimented my shoes. They are beige sandals that I have not worn for over two years.

They are actually called “Jesus” shoes (Gurkees Neptune Style Jesus Sandals) because of the rope used in the design.

Then suddenly a security guy shows up and then a back up. They did not ask for my license or any form of ID. They are what ……locals call Police~Bees.

In other words they look the part of a police officer but have no credentials too speak of.

They told me I had three options. A cab, call my daughter or Walk. I said I would Walk.

I bet when they seen my moped gone before morning light had them shaking their heads. I had backtracked and retrieved it.

Later in the day I am going through my Britto box and got my wallet out. I open it and there is nothing there.

My mind starts whirling thinking of all the items I will have to replace. License, credit card, Humana Gold cards, truly it was empty.

Then my eyes popped when I seen all my items peeking out at me from the kitchen counter. They were all in a neat, organized pile under the Red Box that had held the Heart ornament.

Each New Day is a Gift



© Cynthia Martz 2014

Life presents challenges.

The Warrior in us knows that if we think Positive Thoughts the Negatives are Zapped.   Even if bad things Happen, we can put them in a sanctuary that can be addressed and dealt with in the best ways possible.

I always think of this poem when I am down and my mind is in a whirlwind of thoughts and distressing scenario’s.

Another take on this one:

Desiderata Updated

“Tread gently on anyone who looks at you sideways.

Have lots of long lie-ins.

Wear sturdy socks, learn to grow out of medium underwear and if you must lie about your age do it in the other direction:tell people you’re 97 and they’ll think you look fucking great.

Try to catch a trout and experience the glorious feeling of letting it go and seeing it swimming away.

Never eat food that comes in a bucket.

If you don’t know how to meditate at least try to spend some time every day just sitting.

Boo joggers.

Don’t work out, work in.

Play the banjo.

Sleep with somebody you like.

Eat plenty of liquorice all sorts.

Try to live in a place you like.

Marry somebody you like.

Try to do a job you like.

Never turn down an opportunity to shout ‘fuck them all!’ at the top of your voice.

Avoid bigots of all descriptions.

Let your bed become to you what the Pole Star was to sailors of old… look forward to it.

Don’t wear tight underwear.

Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes.

Clean your teeth and keep the company of people who will tell you when there’s spinach on them.

Avoid people who know the answer.

Keep the company of people who are trying to understand the question.

Don’t pat animals with sneaky eyes.

If you haven’t heard a good rumor by 11am, start one.

Learn to feel sorry for music because, although it is the international language, it has no swearwords; if you don’t count Wagner which in my opinion is one long one and should be avoided at all cost.

If you write a book, be sure it has exactly 74 ‘fucks’ in it.

Send Hieronymus Bosch prints to elderly relatives for Christmas.

Avoid giving LSD to guide dogs.

Don’t be talked into wearing a uniform.

Salute nobody.

Campaign against blue smarties.

Above all, go to Glasgow at least once in your life and have a roll and square sliced sausage and a cup of tea.

When you feel the tea coursing over your spice singed tongue,you’ll know what I mean when I say

‘It’s good to be alive!’ ”

– Billy Connolly –