It was originally called Salt and Sand when Yahoo/Aabaco hosted it. I got rid of that finally.


I am now 70 years old going on 71 November 18 2019

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Welcome to Sand and Salt

It was originally called Salt and Sand when Yahoo/Aabaco  hosted it. I got rid of that finally. This was the comment I made to them :

 I have repeated asked for assistance in changing my due date from the 18 th to the 1 St. I have been with Yahoo since 2001. I am disgusted that a company (conglomerate) such as this can not work out a solution to this very simple request. I have put much time, effort and paid diligently all these years. Your company is on its way out in stead of in. Check out the reviews on the web and see for yourself.

Any links with the URL will be a 404 Page not found after the 18th of August 2016.

Lots of insights and wisdom went into these pages.

I started blogging on WordPress in 2011.

Like anything in life things have a way of being put on the back burner so too speak.

Lately I have going through my extensive blog at Cryominute  and realized that it is so very scattered, organized yet so much to ponder.

So, I have started paying more attention to this Blog Space I created in 2012.

It is more simplified.

My Favorite Things so too speak.

My Zoo




My Photography and Designs

I hope you will check it out.

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