Clutter of My World

If you hold on to the clutter of your past
Their may never be room or space for anything new

Overflowing closets

Storage parcels paid on for a decade

The past and all it’s hurts and insecurities

Make for an elusive future

Wind, rain, fire and circumstance destroy possessions

Your mind refuses to let be

What others plainly see

Live and Love your present

It’s a gift

written September 18th 2018

After writing this I had much compassion for my daughter who says she has lost so much in her life.

It also bought me back too the times, I traveled cross country with nay more than a suitcase in my greyhound journey. I had a give away party before leaving. Treasured items I knew would not be making the many miles with me.

Just recently I DE-cluttered my home. So many outdated TV’s, monitors, printers, keyboards and mice, clothes that would never fit me again.

I still have treasured mementos, things that will be found when someone else has the obligation to keep or dispose of.

The time when I am no longer present.
Life is the one thing we need to remind ourselves to cherish and treasure.

Everything else reminds us of things better left in the past.

I am not my stuff;  we are more than our possessions.
Our memories are within us, not within our things.
Holding on to stuff imprisons us; letting go is freeing.

Interesting reads on the subject

Picture the money you pay for your self-storage unit each month.

$10,000 later…

I wonder why persons are willing to pay so much to avoid letting go