Happy Birthday Minnie Penny



Happy Heart Day My Minnie Penny. You are 14 today and have been by my side, on top of my head or your butt in my face for 13 years.

The day I adopted you I saw your photo at the shelter here in Key West.

Adoption Photo


I called and they said you were still there because you were always hiding.
You was 4 months old when they brought you to the shelter with a belly full of babies that they took from you. Maybe that is why you always hid yourself.
At any rate I found you, so sweet and petite.
You were now 11 months old. They found you hiding and put you in my arms. You cuddled your head in my hands and I brought you home that very day. For two weeks you hid under my bed.
I must say you truly are the perfect feline for me. You are a neat one, you even throw up in the litter box, now what cat does that?

You have never eaten any of my birds and you love Hamster Bear.
I remember how you and Hamster Hempy used to run around on the bed together. Best pals you were.

You and Shy were the best buds and I know you miss him as much as we do. He lived 18 years.

You are almost old as me. A cat of 14 is 70 years in people years.
I can see you are slowing down a bit, you don’t move as fast as you once did. The mass on your tummy is growing larger and this concerns me. It doesn’t seem to bother you.
I am thankful for each Purr and Meow you greet me with.

Author: cryominute

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