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Murphy’s law is a popular adage that states that “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance,” or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

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Xmas was in the mailbox.

A large package arrived from Amazon today. My Christmas. They knocked once and I answered right away and they were already half way back to the truck. I yelled next time at least wait till you see the white’s of my eyes. Anyways, I am going to write about this as it is too detailed.

Tune in for what was in my package.

Got up at 8 AM. I made coffee, cut up greens for all the 10 birdies, fed the cats, checked on Hempy down under in his bedding without disturbing his slumber. I always ask him too give me a sign he’s still breathing and he moved his bedding for me.

I put make shift bath bowls in all three cages.

Checking the laundry card to see if it works and the $20 was put back on it.

Tomorrow, MY Blood-stone RING is out of pawn.

Dr. appointment at 1. They haven’t canceled yet so this is a good sign.

Pay the rent at the office, get clean filters for the AC.

Gordon’s Surplus for big bag of fries. My big bag of veggies I use mostly in my stir fry’s and food fodder for my Zoo.

Hempy gets a few peas tonight. He is so fat, he longer runs. I want to slim him up a bit so he remains active instead of sleeping all day and night.

No shame with Hempy (Bottom’s UP)


Darn card for laundry finally came and it doesn’t work. So over this crap. I paid the rent. I am going back to bed. The laundry fairy has off today. Calling them right NOW. They promised a call back today? This is after the four I sent back for the same reason. They didn’t work.

Gifts in Transit
Beautiful hand-made magnets, a beautiful hand-made tree decoration, ingrown nail remover tool, heart-shaped book markers, A Fit which I have already used.


Weird ASS Day.

My Chimes Music CD that I just played disappeared after taking it out of player. I burned another one, it’s playing.

Now my cell phone that says it’s charging. It is off.
It does not come on.

I have an extra sim but it is probably the battery.

AND to round my day out Days Of Our Lives did not record.

Called cell phone provider, they called me back and wala phone is on and working again.

Just washed my hair and showered. Making a cup of tea so I can finally try to relax after this odd day.

My Package

New Mr. Coffee, the coffee is awesome now.

Select Nature’s Variety Turkey for the felines (12 PK)

Minnie loves it and I hope it helps her problem with IBS. Click Minnie for that post.

She will be 13 next month.

Nag Champa

and , something else that is for my personal persona.

Blessings and Peace to the family’s of the two men who perished during Storm Goliath on December 27 th 2015.

Chase Morland 22 years old. Reports say he died from hypothermia and drowning. He was found a day after the boat most likely went down. It was so cold. They had to be really determined to go out into that mess. They had to know the dangers.

The last post Chase made on Twitter was

We might not be back, going into the storm

Sam ( Craig’s dog) swam a shore and stayed with him till he was recovered.

Sam continued to pace the shoreline.

For Craig Strickland

I saw the photo on their Facebook profile ( Backroad Anthem)

It was a big part of his life. (Backroad Anthem lead singer)

He was recovered today. Off shore line by about 75 yards. He was wet from the boat capsizing. Why did it take so long to find him ? At least he made it up the hill and out of the water. He must have known his Jesus was near. His arms were found in the shape of a cross.

May his family now have the closure they so needed.


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