Elusive Dreaming


8:53:03 AM
I had such an intense dream I needed to write it down as quickly as possible while I still remembered it. Although it was the kind of dream one doesn’t tend to forget so easily.

I was in a huge mall that was very high up. I was carrying my large brown leather bag and a back pack belonging to a friend. All personal and important documents were inside the brown bag. They were secure inside my snap wallet. Hempy was in his little pouch I had made for him.

Person’s mingled about and it was very crowded. I sit the bags down and when I looked they were gone. During my search for my possessions I was overtaken by a small group of men. They took me into a room and offered too help me. Next thing I know I am feeling very disorientated, I have no underwear on. I seek other help within the mall. I found a pair of underwear with tags still on I took them and covered my (_*_) self.
As I wondered about in a daze several others offered to help but by this time I trusted no one.

I located my bags only to once again have them ripped from me, taken by thieves.
I remembered my daughters cell number as plain as could be in my dream, but had only 10 ¢ on me. A lady walked up and gave me a quarter, she was throwing change at a wall.
I searched for a pay phone. They were either non existent or a sign was on them that said “out of order”.

I sit down and out of the corner of my eye noticed the man that had offered to help me earlier. He said they are coming if you are ready this time.

Sitting there I realized I was holding and loving on Hempy. I was so happy I nearly squeezed him too hard, not wanting to lose him. I also had my favorite blue cigarette case.
I looked out over the entrance to the mall and realized just how high I was. Literally and figuratively speaking.

I told the man that I always flew away when any one was trying to harm me or take from me. I would just sit still and envision flying and up and away I would go.
This time was different. I felt different. I knew I would not fly and my fate would be a fall of a great distance.
He took my hand and we slowly maneuvered our way down the long narrow ramp to the street.
I still had Hempy cradled in my arms and the blue case. Everything else was gone.
I knew I had a lot of explaining to do.

How do you explain something that eludes you.
© C. m ART z  2015

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