Whispers and Dead Ends

If you missed the first part.

The Necklace

© Cynthia m ART z 2014

I walked hand in hand through the home with my husband listening for any whispers about the theft. A small group of persons were on the veranda and we could see a look of disbelief on their faces. The woman had her hands in the air. I approached her and casually asked the history of the necklace. She said “Oh, it was a keepsake memory, that’s all” An old boyfriend she had met in Ocean City, Maryland many years ago had given it too her. Alarms went off in my brain.
“Wild days for sure, party and party some more.” Her boyfriend’s father owned the Crab Shack and asked if I was familiar with the delicious food they served.
She went on to say that he said he had found the necklace and on a drug fueled night laughed as he put it around her neck. He said perhaps one day the other half would appear.
I had them now, both of them and they connected perfectly.
Something, but not enough to reopen those cold case files.

We traveled to the Crab Shack on our trip back home. The kids were excited that we had decided to go to another beach resort.
On arrival, the babysitter took over the kids activities and we decided to get some lunch.
The Crab Shack all new and remodeled. We both noticed the flyer was still encased asking for any information on the disappearance and death of Lola Luna.
When we inquired of the owner, he said his son had passed away in a drug related murder a few years after her disappearance. We knew our hopes were unraveling. Was his son responsible in some way? Was he with the lowlife the night in question? Was he silenced because of perhaps knowing too much? The only thing we were positive of was the necklace at some point was in his son’s possession. It could only have been acquired by removing it from Lola’s petite neck.

The old man looked so worn from sea and salt.  So much turmoil around his eyes and forehead. A tortured soul.
He said the summers were always filled with so much laughter. College crowds living in dorms over the summer. They were so happy they had secured employment at his Shack.

He went on to mention the summer Lola disappeared and the mystery surrounding her death. He said the kids were experimenting with drugs and alcohol more than usual. New faces were coming into the scene. Fancy cars and gold dripping from their necks. He said everything seemed to change from the carefree summers he remembered so fondly. His eyes filled to the brim with an overflow of tears.
He said he had a daughter who was overseas with her husband in the missionary. They had one child, a girl they called Breeze. His oldest son was in New York at the Stock Exchange making deals that would make the average person’s head spin in disbelief. He mentioned they had there lives and seldom ventured home. His wife had went into a severe depression after their youngest son was murdered. She was practically an invalid.

Our heads were spinning. We knew we would never have the answers we so wanted.
As I reached up and clutched the heart shape necklace I was glad I had the infinity sign I had engraved on the back facing the front.

Infinity ~That was all that was left.


Author: cryominute

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