the “Snapdragon” part of my life…part of me has snapped…the rest is draggin


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11:39 PM 1/29/2018

“Your icy voice put out the stars
it cracked my heart, and broke it in splinters
your tone as cold as Colorado winters
but I promise to soon forget
the contract we almost made…you’ll feel
the swift response of an equal
as the dream begins to fade
I’ll drown you in pseudo kindness
and a casual, friendly glance
I can almost imagine your blindness
as I watch and wait
for the chance
to suddenly – cruelly – make you know
how easy it was to let you go”

By Linda Goodman –
From Venus Trines at Midnight

7:04 AM 2/2/2018
the “Snapdragon” part of her life…part of me has snapped…the rest is draggin

6:33 PM 2/2/2018
“La vie est belle”, a French expression meaning “Life is beautiful”.

1:16 PM 2/4/2018
Natalie Wood case reopened (Death in dark Water)Born July 20, 1938 – Died November 29, 1981 (43 Years Old)
Did he kill her,put the down coat on her,dump her and release the dingy to set up a murderous ploy?

2:03 PM 2/4/2018
We each have a darkness and a light and many shades of gray that filter in. Illness of any kind really puts us to major tests and we warrior on the best we can.

2:35 AM 2/15/2018

I am so tared,and dern it I still have too wudder the flowers and wush my clothes

10:51 AM 2/16/2018
noun: Clovis

a Paleo-Indian culture of Central and North America, dated to about 11,500–11,000 years ago and earlier. The culture is distinguished by heavy, leaf-shaped stone spearheads.

Watched a good show on the First real Americans on National Geographic. They were known as the Clavis and came into the America’s too a new land via Siberia. The Native Americans who were first thought to be the First are descendants from them. They have discovered a cave in the Yucatan that holds so many treasures in the deepest and darkness depths. Ice age mammal bones and a human said to be at least 13,000 years old.

I thought about how things change seemingly so suddenly.

More than likely an outcome already set in motion.

Like Old Home being razed too make way for new development. When people we love withdraw from us, the school shootings that yet again took innocent lives.

Illness that we have no real control over. At the mercy of Doctors and medical teams that are often time as clueless as we are.

I made a OLD HOME video.

I had hominy, an egg and cottage cheese with apple butter for early breakfast.

I made Fish Baja Tacos for my solo dinner last night.

I know I won’t be around to see it but I can easily envision a world made of skyscrapers where beautiful land once was, little space craft used as transport, gardens grown hydraulically in the sky. Perhaps 25-50 more years.

Of course there is that major possibility of an all out wipe out of what we know as Earth, our home.

So much going on in today’s and futuristic technology that we are not privy to have knowledge of. Just little crumbs thrown our way here and there.

The weather here has been lovely and the Iguana’s are soaking up the sunbeams.

11:47 AM 2/16/2018
We have our memories.
I guess when you come down to it we can be thankful and blessed that we still remember.

10:26 AM 2/17/2018
Cynthia says~We don’t always need a KING in our lives, but we do need to remember we are always the Queen. Never treat yourself as a pawn in someone else’s game.

10:06 PM 2/17/2018

If you ‘assume’ something, the universe will provide those things or conditions.

10:08 PM 2/17/2018

Just a reminder to be gentle with yourself whatever feelings arise.

The feelings are hard enough to endure, so do not add to them by berating yourself.

Self-kindness will get you through.

2:05 AM 2/18/2018
Danced many nights away at Cross Key,the Gold Dust,and the Rabbit’s Foot.I was forbidden to go to Cross Keys but I had a escape plan from my bedroom window.Oh the stories,the MP’s from Fort Detrick,Maryland and all the good times.

7:18 AM 2/18/2018
Agrees it is best to forgive and forget then to live with regret so I’ll forgive you and forget you so I won”t have to regret falling for your bullshit again.

8:08 AM 2/18/2018
Synchronicity is a “happen chance” that occurs that is in perfect alignment with your thoughts or ideas. Often mistaken as coincidences, synchronicities are universal nods, confirming that you are on the right track. Synchronicities can also be road signs that help steer you on to the right track if you are feeling confused or lost in some way.

9:05 AM 2/18/2018
What is in Formula 303?
Formula 303 is an amazing homeopathic natural remedy for relaxing muscles and tension. This all natural muscle relaxer can be appreciated by anybody.Formula 303 can help to relieve muscle spasms and pain while having a calming and relaxing effect on your psyche.

7:30 AM 2/22/2018
The Broads

Click here for awesome photos of Broads in all their awesomeness.

Someone asked me yesterday if I had ever been A BROAD.

I replied “I’ve been a BROAD my entire life.”

“So, what is a Broad?

A Broad is a gal who takes no crap from anyone.

A Broad is smart, loyal, honest, supportive, sassy, funny, and knows who she is.

A Broad can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan, regardless of whether or not a man is in her life.

A Broad doesn’t have time to be jealous of the women around her.

A Broad doesn’t have time to gossip nonstop, though a Broad is extremely capable of dishing some good dirt (the only difference is she’ll dish it to your face).

A Broad knows the true meaning of the word vent; she can lend an ear while her friends vent, and let out a good scream of her own with her fellow Broads.

Basically, a Broad is as real as any woman can get, and I’m proud to have known a few real Broads in my life.”

9:59 AM 2/25/2018


11:07 AM 2/25/2018
Some other reasons to be grateful if you grew up speaking English:

1) The bandage was wound around the wound.

2) The farm was used to produce produce.

3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

4) We must polish the Polish furniture.

5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.

6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to

present the present.

8) At the Army base, a bass was painted on the head of a bass drum.

9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.

10) I did not object to the object.

11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.

12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.

13) They were too close to the door to close it.

14) The buck does funny things when the does are present.

15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.

16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.

17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

18) After a number of Novocain injections, my jaw got number.

19) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.

20) I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.

21) How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?

22) I spent last evening evening out a pile of dirt.

8:55 AM 2/26/2018

“Young souls get angry at others.

Old souls get angry at themselves.

But really wise souls, Phoenix, have already turned the page.

Got forever and ever?
The Universe”

Play on Words:

I am a GREAT Grandmother,actually I am a grandmother that just happens to be GREAT

1:59 PM 2/27/2018
I am already going through withdrawal and have to wait till August 2018 for season 3 of Victoria.She and Albert had 9 children.Perhaps from these dates below one can suppose they even had premarital sex.They were married on 10 February 1840,there first daughter Vicky was born on the 21 November 1840.

9:47 AM 2/28/2018
It’s a mind boggling world we live in. Hence we have addicts, homeless and persons so tied up in Reality TV they don’t see the Beautiful Real World just outside the cage, a cage we have made for ourselves.



Meanderings~Take 16

You’ll be a real good listener
You’ll be honest,
you’ll be brave
you’ll be beautiful
You’ll be happy

You’ll be awake and you’ll be alert
You’ll be positive though it hurts
And you’ll laugh and embrace all your friends
You’ll be a real good listener You’ll be honest, you’ll be brave
you’ll be beautiful
You’ll be happy

4:49 PM 1/9/2018
Memories are moments that brought you to where you are now

1:26 PM 1/10/2018
How my dad got the nickname “Nub”

From the Frederick News
October 17, 1946.
“George Martz, 25, son of Mehrle and Estelle Martz of near Shookstown, was working on the Harry Free farm as a laborer, and he lost four digits of his right hand when he was trying to get the corn husker going again after it stalled. The report is that he put his hand in the machine and it immediately caught it and mangled him to his palm. Another worker with him, stopped the machine and got him to the Frederick hospital where he apparently stayed for a good while.”

All this taking things as they come
Tends to make you forget to put anything in.

It doesn’t have to be a nice day
Just the only one you’ve got and it’s coming ready or not

from The BEAT Ackee 123

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

~Maya Angelou

Eagle eyes–Be on the lookout, bald eagles are in town for the winter.

6:55 PM 1/12/2018
Confucianism Symbol Meaning
“Code Of Conduct”
It represents the source of life,also called the Water Symbol.

10:27 AM 1/15/2018
Mars gets too me in ways I feel overwhelmed at times. I can be so intense and that intensity when it comes to debates,sex,enthusiasm gets over charged at intervals. I really try to be less forceful but my plutonium and martian ways always seem too burst forth with little or no control. I mean well and have good intent, it just is taken the wrong way at times and sometimes I wonder if person’s really are listening…seems if they were they would see what I was trying to say ,not what they perceived me too say.

1:56 PM 1/17/2018
The music used for The Garden of Eden was from Globus~ Orchards of Mines and Serenata Immortale by Immediate music.

2:11 PM 1/17/2018
“Don’t taint this ground
With the color of the past
Are the sounds in bloom with you
Cause you seem like
An orchard of mines
Just take one step at a time

And you seem
To break like time
So fragile on the inside
You climb these grapevines
Would you look now
Unto this pit of me on the ground
And you wander through these
To climb these grapevines

I say it to be proud
Won’t have my life turn upside down
Says the man with some
With some gold forged plan
Of life so incomplete
Like weights strapped around my feet
Tread careful one step at a time

And you seem
To break like time
So fragile on the inside
You climb these grapevines
Would you look now
Unto this pit of me on the ground
And you wander through these
To climb these grapevines

To know
To feel
To play me once again
Do you denote from what we feel
Do you not know
I see you play the game
Do you denote

2:28 PM 1/17/2018
With collective minds of my sisters and myself
Ancestry on Father’s side back to 1678,that’s going way back.
Ancestry on Mother’s side back to 1817.

Our DNA results from my oldest sister
We just found out what we are made of.
No Kimosabe- a little this and a little that.
The interesting news is that there is Jewish heritage of 1% back to the “cradle of civilization” in the Iberian Peninsula, and a 2% Jewish heritage in our European line. The rest is broken down into all the areas of Europe and a large percent is from Ireland and Great Britain, with smaller portions from West Asia, Scandinavia, Finland, Italy,Greece.

9:10 PM 1/17/2018
UTUBE WHAT THE *uck ????
YouTube videos on Facebook don’t play on Facebook … they are only a link now.
Previous to this, all you has to do is paste the YouTube link in Facebook and a thumbnail would appear. When you clicked on the thumbnail, it would play on your Facebook page – not leave Facebook go to YouTube.
Please fix ASAP

10:59 AM 1/18/2018
“Nuclear bomb Tests shifted the Earth,Earth shifted Zodiac Signs, and Zodiac Signs shifted Personality”

11:01 AM 1/18/2018
Cynthia says~Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.

Most people come into your life temporarily simply to teach you something. They come and they go and they make a difference. And it’s OK that they’re not in your life anymore. Not all relationships last, but the lessons these relationships bring to you do. If you learn to open your heart and mind, anyone, including the folks who eventually drive you mad, can teach you something worthwhile. Sometimes it will feel weird when you realize you spent so much time with someone you are no longer connected to, but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. We all are.
~Marc Chernoff.

8:57 PM 1/18/2018
Ready for a Shutdown?

The Legislative branch is the Congress and they make the laws. The Executive branch is the President, who runs the daily business of government. The Judicial branch is the Courts who interpret the law and determine of laws are constitutional. These are the three branches of government you were taught in the government-controlled schools. But there is a fourth branch of government, and that’s the People.

10:57 AM 1/20/2018
“These companies are asking people to pay for something that is at best trivial and at worst astrology,” said Rutherford. “The biggest lesson we can teach people is that DNA is probabilistic and not deterministic.”

Don’t give up quite yet on the Native American ancestry. These tests are notoriously bad with American Indian DNA, and will be until they get a bigger sample pool to pull from. They can be spot on with your other geographic ancestry and show zero American Indian.

12:18 PM 1/20/2018
Haven’t used FIREFOX for sometime but downloaded the NEW FIREFOX QUANTUM and it is FASTER than CHROME.

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Hurricane Irma Cat 5

“If ever there was a storm to take seriously in the Keys, this is it”

They are calling this A Perfect Storm


Monroe County also has issued a mandatory evacuation of all residents. It will begin at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Everyone is rather upset that I along with many other Conch’s have decided to ride it out.

Traffic is horrendous. Gas stations over flowing and running out of gas. No bottled water in the KEYS.
Stopped at Pets market and got supplies in case Chewy can not deliver before storm.
All tourists ordered to leave our Island.
Locals Mandatory on Thursday.
I will not be a sitting duck on any bridge going out of the Keys.

I would rather be here barricaded in my castle with my animals.

I have never in 25 years evacuated.

We can only hope and pray that Mother Nature is not as mean as she is expected to be.

It is not an easy decision to make.

I have 9 birds, two cats and a hamster. We will remain together.

My daughter and her man will bunker down with me.

I am taking this very seriously.

I am also doing what my heart tells me to do.

More INFO found here:

Meandering’s~Take 15

“My animal teaches me how to take care of her, and she shows me how to care for myself. “

My second “I DO”

May 24 th 1997

Fort Zachery Taylor Wedding Day:

From the airplane flying over and the ring drop during vows it was an awesome day. Stevie Nicks played on my recordings for the day. Solo guitar by Clyde.


Rest Easy Elio

Mr. Elio Rivera, 57, passed away Sunday, May 25, 2008. Mr. Rivera was born June 8, 1950, in Piñar del Rio, Cuba. He came to Key West, Fla., on Aug. 6, 1966.

God picks his most beautiful flowers in heaven, when they’re at their most beautiful in bloom on Earth.

How does my animal feel right now?

Then I notice my racing heart, my trembling hands, my shortened breath, my knotted stomach, my shaky legs, my clenched jaw…and I say, “This is no way for an animal to live.”
I ask my animal what would make her feel better.
A walk in the sunlight? A friendly voice? A treat? A nap?

My animal teaches me how to take care of her, and she shows me how to care for myself.

Read more:

Always keep looking up, well occasionally look down so you don’t trip up

For you, Phoenix, it’s never really been all about the cottage at the beach, a multimillion dollar bank account, or the adoration of fans, has it?

Okay, sure, you could roll with it…

Instead, it’s been about having a life that allows for the expression of your creativity and exchanging your rare and special gifts with the world. To be yourself, no matter the cost, laughing often, and knowing to your core the meaning of love, friendship, and hot chocolate on a freezing cold night.

Just wanted you to know that I know this about you. And I think it’s just great how you’re imagining the latter when you visualize these days.

Especially the laughter and love.

Pretty much got you pegged, huh?
The Universe

Cynthia says~ Even at times we may not feel blessed.
We truly are.
Things happen, lessons hopefully learned and wisdom gained.

The best poem for ME is:

‘I Carry Your Heart’ by EE Cummings
‘It’s you who are whatever a moon has always meant, and whatever a sun will always sing is you.’ You have a sensitive heart, which allows you to feel deeply connected, at all times, to nature and to the people you love.

In your mind, one thought leads quickly to another and another. You love drawing patterns, creating symbols, and feeling like you are part of something bigger than yourself.

More Meanderings at

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Meanderings~Take 11 Continued

Hello, thanks for stopping by Sand and Salt to check it out.

You can always find more of my Lady Blue Meanderings Here

Remember to always be Grateful

“It’s about honoring what happened,” she said. “You met a person who awoke something in you. A fire ignited. The work is to be grateful. Grateful every day that someone crossed your path and left a mark on you.”

Ceiling Fans~Clockwise warms a room; counter-clockwise cools it. (The more you know!)

THE FISH – Snowy Grouper are very similar to Black Grouper in taste, texture, and market size. they have a very pronounced flavor that is a bit more complex than Black and Scamp. They cook to a brilliant White and are very Lean and Flaky.

11:14 PM 7/25/2017

Remembering Gary


Diver’s last catch a fatal one

A diver lost his life in a rare underwater accident, this one involving a goliath grouper.


(Sep 11, 2006)

Gary Cagle, an avid free diver, made two mistakes on a Key West fishing trip last Saturday:

He speared a goliath grouper, a fish that is illegal to kill in the Florida Keys. He also forgot to bring along his knife.

That error cost him his life.

Cagle, spearfishing a half-mile off Smathers Beach, shot a 40-inch goliath grouper. The fish bolted under a coral head, entangling the diver in the line and, acting like an anchor, held him underwater until he drowned.

On Sunday, Key West police divers found Cagle’s body pinned to the coral 17 feet down, his mask still on but the snorkel out of his mouth. The spear line was wrapped three times around his wrist, with the spear shaft still in the carcass of the dead fish — shot right through the gills.

”It is bizarre,” said Becky Herrin, spokeswoman for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Goliath groupers, which can grow up to eight feet and weigh more than 600 pounds, are not known as aggressive — but many of them show little fear of divers or snorkelers. The huge fish can be found on many wrecks in the Florida Keys.

Fishing goliath grouper in the Keys has been illegal since 1990. But friends of Cagle’s say they believe something unexpected happened, expressing doubts that he would have speared the protected species intentionally.

”He must have been trying to protect his life,” suggested friend Lori Kerry. “ The grouper was about 160 to 200 pounds and must have surprised him.”

Other experienced divers saw self-defense as an unlikely reason for spearing a goliath. But Kerry said Cagle had great respect for nature and once insisted she return a 50-pound goliath she had caught by accident, she said.

Cagle, 42 and a Georgia native, worked many years bartending at the Bull & Whistle Bar on Duval Street in Key West. His friends say he saved his money and invested well so he could spend most of his time on his aquatic passions. Almost daily, he drove his Jet Ski to sites where he could free-dive — that is, dive without a supplemental air tank — and fish for four to six hours at a time.

His friends say he weighed about 175 pounds, was in great shape and could hold his breath for four to five minutes under water, sometimes free-diving in depths of up to about 70 feet.

”He was like a fish,” said Cagle’s girlfriend, Melissa Aiello.

Last Saturday, Cagle left Stock Island alone about noon. When he didn’t return that night, his friends became worried and called the Coast Guard. The Jet Ski was found that night but Cagle’s body wasn’t located until the following morning.

”While we worried about him diving by himself, we also didn’t worry because he was so good at it,” Kerry said. “But Gary always, always, always said if he died he wanted it to be in the water.”

Marks on Cagle’s body showed he struggled to free himself from the spear line. But he could not and drowned, according to a preliminary autopsy report.

Bob Holston, director of operations at Dive Key West, said he knows of few free diving or spearfishing accidents, but when they do occur it’s usually because safety practices weren’t followed. A major safety requirement is bringing a knife, in case a line does get tangled.

”Not wearing a knife is like crossing I-95 with your eyes closed,” Holston said.

Kerry said Cagle was not a careless diver. But she has no answer why his knife was left behind on her porch. ”It’s normally on his leg,” she said.

A memorial service for Cagle will be held 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Dean Lopez Funeral Home in Key West. Later Saturday, his friends and family will board the catamaran Sunny Days to sprinkle his ashes into the waters he loved”.

Published September 16, 2006

Gary Cagle’s ashes return to the sea today in Key West. Cagle drowned Saturday while free diving in 25 feet of water after spearing a 40-inch goliath grouper and entangling his hand in the spear gun line. Cagle was reported to have been in great shape and was experienced – free diving and spearfishing almost daily for many years. His death is an enigma to knowledgeable spear fishermen. Why did he shoot a protected species? In clear water, a goliath would be unmistakable to an avid spear fisherman. Was Cagle protecting a fish he had speared? Bold goliaths commonly attempt and often succeed in taking fish from spear fishermen. Knowing he didn’t have his knife, how did he let the spear gun line get wrapped three times around his wrist?

Several factors could have changed the unfortunate outcome of this story. A sharp, stiletto knife is as essential to a free-diving hunter as a shroud line cutter and a reserve parachute are to a skydiver. Using a reel on a spear gun can make line handling safer, more efficient and allow a free diver to surface without losing his prey. Floats and lines are often used when targeting big fish, and they also make it easy to locate a free diver. Even experienced free divers can only stay down a few minutes, and they risk possible blackouts from hypoxia on ascent. Free diving with a knowledgeable buddy is wise.

Hindsight from a Blog Comment:

This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog.

Great job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

8:12 PM 7/26/2017

This is the poem Rev. Casper read at my 2nd wedding day….May 24th 1997

I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.

I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me.

I love you for putting your hand into my heaped up heart and passing over all the frivolous and weak things that you can not help seeing there.

You draw out into the light all the beautiful radiant things that no one else has looked quite far enough inside too find.

I love you for ignoring the possibilities of the fool in me and laying firm hold of all the good in me.

I love you for closing your eyes to the discord in me and adding to the music in me just by listening.

He died on his lobster boat in 2008.

1:59 PM 7/27/2017

Catfish~If it wasn’t for the whining and someone else always nipping at our fins it would be a very boring life.

I concur.

1:22 PM 7/28/2017 On The Horizon

Here’s to 2018 on the horizon… to lessons and blessin’s, music and memories, friendships and hardships.

8:01 PM 7/28/2017

What I am reading:

The Sheltering Sky. The DVD is awesome too.

”Book Three – The Sky

Kit is picked up by a caravan of camel drivers led by Belqassim and his older friend. In a sinister “gentleman’s agreement”, they both rape her in what becomes a daily ritual. Kit becomes bizarrely attached to Belqassim, resenting him for letting the other man have his way with her. Belqassim disguises her as an Arab boy and takes her back to his house where he keeps her in a locked room. His other three wives soon discover the truth about their guest and, consumed with jealousy, attack her. A ceremony is performed in which Belqassim, much to the fury of the other women, makes Kit a fourth wife. When his longed-for visits to the marital chamber in which she is imprisoned become less frequent, Kit decides to escape. She barters the jewelry she has been given for the help of the other women who are only too pleased to see her go.

Kit, now sounding increasingly deranged, spends the night in a hotel with a stranger named Amar who tries to help her. Eventually she is handed over to the local authorities who arrange for her to fly back to Oran, on the Mediterranean coast. Her passage back to the United States is arranged by the American Consulate, but before she can be returned home Kit slips away and disappears.”

11:56 AM 8/2/2017

Scorpio Today: When push comes to shove today, rely on your charm and silver tongue to buy you time until you’re ready to make your decision. You’re too smart to fall for pressure tactics — remember that when someone claims that it’s ‘now or never.’ There’s no such thing as too late when it comes to your emotions, so feel free to keep dancing while everyone else is stressing. Lean on your intuition and it will take care of you. Take everything in stride and you’ll keep smiling.

More on Computer Slim

My 8 almost 9 year old trusty HP Slim died suddenly this past Friday the 28th of July. I was watching “Days” on disable my cable and the screen went back and the lights on the tower went out. No warning other than a slight metallic smell.

Guess something burned up?

I now am running a nice little all in one called HP Snow White. It is perfect for me. Thank goodness I have the foresight to backup and than backup MORE just in case.

A poem I wrote a few moons ago.

“There Were Two”

The wooden planks creak as I hear passersby walk.

The night is dark and humid

I sit inside on a hard stool waiting.

My new love sits outside and listens as the men tease him about being away and still his love sits without him

I take a smoke from one of the men and inhale the aroma and sweetness.

The cloud of smoke wafts outside to where my love is sitting.

I know he has walked and acquired his baggie of sweetness

I look out and inquire why he is alone and has not asked me to join him

He stands up and motions for me too come

He takes my hand

It feels so thin and as I walk behind him to sit

I notice his lanky frame

He passes his lit pipe to me

I watch him as I inhale

He seems distant yet close

He says you know there were two

I want to ask what happened but words do not form

I speak with him and say that sometimes each of us needs to be alone

I let him know that I felt he wanted that

Too be alone in his thoughts

He took me in his arms and I felt strength in me from him

He said

“I am alone too much, I long too smell your hair and take in the warmth of your essence”

He said

“I feel strength from you when you are in my arms”

1:46 PM 8/2/2017

Yesterday I noticed my Bloodstone was very intense, many facets of the blood veins were prominent. I did some research and found out some things I wanted to pass on to you.

In my dreams someone has been trying to deter me, take from me. I am stuck in a bog, I can not initiate flight as in flying away.

The ‘blood’ taken from you while staying in that dysfunctional and/or abusive family was your own.  You can be bled dry as a child in such a piraña family environment.  So, what happens is the child simply leaves her or his body; they become ungrounded because they can’t stand the pain of living in such a family.

These wounds will be the ones that they will continue to work on for an entire lifetime until they are healed from them.  Bloodstone helps us work through family dysfunctional patterns and gets rid of them sooner rather than later.Many on this Earth have dysfunctional parents and so this wounding is carried on through you, the children.

And if it isn’t stopped and changed in you, then you are bound to pass this curse to your children, and they, their children.  In Homeopathy, this is called a ‘miasm’ or a toxic stain genetically speaking, that carries on like a blight through your family tree.  By knowing your family, you can know its strengths and weaknesses.  Bloodstone has a great deal to do with the family, both present as well as the far past.  Often, those who need Bloodstone have an interest in family history and genetics.

On a deeper, Plutonian level, this gemstone is about our DNA; our heritage from a family long past that we didn’t even know.  And our family DNA is with us whether we realize it or not.  For those who look at our family tree, the information can be monumental and important.  Why? Because we can look at our past family members and see patterns of behavior and perspective setting up.  What they were, we may be.  And to borrow from a history saying, “What we forget we are doomed to repeat.”

It will assist you to become more peaceful and serene.


These gemstones connect with our deeper core values of this personality in this lifetime BUT, they also connect with our SOUL who has far more strength built up in it as a result of hundreds of thousands of lifetimes.  This is the phenomenal magic of Strength gemstones.  They are able to ACCESS this vault of built-upon and earned spiritual strength so it can help us get through some present difficulty/test/initiation that we’re putting ourselves through in this lifetime at this moment.  It ‘feeds’ us so that we don’t give up, despair or want to check out because the life lesson is “too hard” to deal with.   Not all people are strong spiritually speaking.  We have baby spirits to ancient spirits in human body on this Earth.  No one is created equal.  And we’re all working on collecting that very necessary soul strength so that we can take on tougher and tougher challenges–and work through them successfully instead of failing them.   Being grounded is essential for living down here on our Earth.  One of the most interesting facts about Bloodstone is that it is highly sensitive to heat.  That means, if you wear it, you are ‘exciting’ the energy of this gemstone and it’s going to start sending out its energy into your aura quite rapidly. Today, it is seen as the Mother Goddess stone


The energy of the Bloodstone will help you to be true to yourself… even when the going gets tough. They help you to face loneliness and to make tough decisions… and to follow what you know in your heart is the right course of action.

Bloodstone also enhances creativity and intuition.  Bloodstone drives away the negative environmental energy, which helps in the overcoming of influences like electromagnetic or pathogenic stress.  It revitalizes and induces dreaming.  It gives you courage and helps you avoid harmful situations.  This also promotes idealism and selflessness. .  This soothes and revitalizes the mind, enhances decision making, and eliminates confusion. Bloodstone minimizes aggressiveness, impatience and irritability.

Bloodstone provides physical aid in treating anemia, blood disorders and enhancing blood flow. It strengthens the immune system and detoxifies. It eases menstrual and menopausal symptoms. And it strengthens the heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, and bone marrow. It minimizes pus formation, neutralizes toxins in the body, and invigorates the lymphatic system, which leads to the healing of infections and inflammations.

The bloodstone also fights evil and prevents jealousy. It boosts your spirit and adds longevity. It eases a broken heart and brings good fortune. Whenever the stone becomes blood red in color, this signals the wearer about any upcoming danger.

5:51 PM 8/2/2017

This was taken at 2 AM after the reinstall of everything into a new HP Snow White. I added the texture of the letters. My head was full of them.


12:32 PM 8/3/2017

Cynthia says~No matter what the Universe tosses at us in our daily coming and goings. We have to accept the fact we woke up to another glorious day. We must be Thankful and make the most of each and every moment.

1:31 PM 8/4/2017

Cynthia says~Ever notice when the sun shines brightly on our face and we are momentarily blinded, or the wind tangles our hair into a tangled mess. The Universe has ways to bring us back to NOW, this moment. Live it.


Computer is faster, all except Facebook still slow as the King

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